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Pursuant to Article 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, we inform you that your Personal Data will be processed by Delcon S.r.l., as Data Controller, in order to respond to your requests of registration to the company site and will be stored for a period not exceeding the purposes for which the Data have been collected and subsequently processed. The provision of your Personal Data is not compulsory, however failure to provide data will prevent us from respond to your request.
In case you provide to us your Personal Data, we inform you that your Personal Data will be processed only by authorised personnel pursuant to Article 29 of the GDPR and they will be stored only in order to carry out the aforementioned purposes (expect for legislative obligation provisions).
Your Data will not be communicated, disseminated or transferred abroad. Regarding the processing of the aforementioned data, pursuant to Article 15 et seq of the EU Regulation 2016/679, we remind you the right to obtain the access of Personal Data concerning you; the right to obtain the rectification (correction of inaccurate data or integration), the right to erasure the Personal Data processed unlawfully or in case one of the reasons specified in Article 17 of the EU Regulation exists, Furthermore, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in case you consider that the rights indicated above have not been recognized. To exercise the right set forth above, please contact the Data Controller to Delcon S.r.l. address via Matteucci 25 27 20862 Arcore MB or writing an e-mail to 



Directive 2002/58/EC – on “personal data processing and protection of private life in the field of electronic communications”.

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ofthe European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protectionof natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on thefree movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“General Data Protection Regulation”).

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While consulting this website, data on identified or identifiable people can be processed. The Data Controller is Delcon S.r.l. address via Matteucci 25 27 20862 Arcore MB,e-mail


Surfing data

The information systems andthe software procedures necessary for the functioning of this web site acquire,during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transfer is implicit inthe employment of communication protocols on the Internet. This information isnot gathered to be associated to identified Data Subjects, but – due to itsnature – it could allow the users to be identified. To this category belong theIP addresses and the domain names of the PCs used by the users that connect tothe web site, the  URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation addresses ofthe resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit therequest to the server, the dimension of the file obtained, the numeric codeindicating the status of the answer given by the server (successful, error, themethod etc.) and other parameters concerning the operation system and theuser’s information environment. These data are used only to obtain anonymousstatistic information on the employment of the web site and to control it workscorrectly and are cancelled immediately after the processing. The data,besides, could be used to assess the responsibility in case of possiblecyber-crimes against the web site.

Data provided freely by theuser

The optional, explicit andvoluntary providing of personal data by the user to the contacts and in theregistration forms present on this web site entails the subsequent acquisitionof the data provided by the sender. Such data will be processed by DelconS.r.l. mainly with electronic means, in order to follow up the user’s request(for example asking information and/or a demo). Specific concise informationnotes will be progressively published or displayed in the pages of the web siteprepared on purpose for particular services upon request.


Cookies are small text filesthat are deposited on the user’s personal computer by the web sites he/shevisits. Their main task is allowing the web site to work and operate in a moreefficient way, as well as providing information to the web site owners.

Here is a list of the cookiesstored by our web site.

1.     Technical cookies, to theextent strictly necessary to use and visit the web site. In particular, the useof session technical cookies is limited to the transmission of sessionsidentifiers (made by random numbers generated by the server) needed to allowthe safe and efficient surfing of the web site. Such cookies avoid havingrecourse to other information techniques potentially prejudicial for thesecrecy of the users’ surfing and they don’t allow the acquisition of personaldata that could identify the user. Users’ personal data aren’t acquired by theweb site for this purpose. No cookie is used to transmit information ofpersonal nature, nor is any type of so-called persistent cookie used, i.e.user-tracking systems. In case the user doesn’t wish to receive any kind of cookiein his/her personal computer, either from this web site or from other ones,he/she can elevate the data protection level of his/her browser thanks to thespecial function.

Here is adetailed list:

Nome of the cookie:
Default expiration: at the end of the session
Description of the cookie: Session - access and employment of the web site

2.     Google Analytics Cookies, used togather and anonymously analyse the information concerning the behaviours whileusing the web sites (for example the time and day of the visit, possibleprevious visits to the web site by the same user, the origin site, etc.). Suchinformation (including the user’s IP address) is gathered by Google Analytics,that processes it in order to make a report concerning the activities on itsweb site and used by it in order to improve the web site. Google doesn’tconnect the IP address to any other datum it owns, nor tries to connect an IPaddress with the user’s identity. Google can also communicate this informationto third parties, in case it’s provided by the law or in case these thirdparties process the information on behalf of Google.

A more detailed explanation can be read below.

Cookie                           Name           Default    Expiration         Description          
Google  Analytics        _gat               10 minutes                             Anonymous analysis of the surfing statistics        
Google  Analytics        _ga                 2 years                                   Anonymous analysis of the surfing statistics        
Google  Analytics        _gid                1 day                                       Anonymous analysis of the surfing statistics  

For furtherinformation on the methods to gather and employ the data by Google, pleasevisit the web site: (or anotherURL that Google may provide from time to time).


Here are the methods you canuse to disable the cookies.

1.      Technical cookies

DelconS.r.l.  reminds that the total or partialdisabling of the so-called technical cookies can compromise the web sitefunctions. Anyway, users can decide whether to accept the cookies or not, bymodifying the safety settings of their browser.·       

Internet Explorer:  

2. Google Analytics Cookies

DelconS.r.l. reminds that Google Analytics’ action can be selectively disabled byinstalling on the browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To disableGoogle Analytics’ action, please follow the link:


This website may contain linksor references for access to other websites, such as social networks Facebook,Instagram, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. By clicking on the appropriate linksyou can, for example, share our contents. We inform you that the DataController does not control cookies or other monitoring technologies of thesewebsites to which this Policy does not apply.


Apart from what has beenspecified concerning the surfing data, users are free to provide their personaldata or not. However, the non-providing can entail the impossibility ofobtaining what they asked.


Personal data are processed,even through the use of automated tools, for the time strictly necessary toachieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Personal data are processedalso with automated tools, for the time strictly necessary to achieve thepurposes for which they have been gathered. Specific safety measures areobserved in order to prevent the loss of data, the illegal or wrong use of themand any unauthorized access. Delcon S.r.l.  took all minimum security measures provided bythe law and inspiring to the main international standards it took furthersecurity measures in order to minimize the risks concerning secrecy,availability and integrity of the personal data gathered and processed.


The gathered data can betransferred or communicated to other companies for activities strictlyconnected and instrumental to the efficiency of the service, such as themanagement of the information system. The personal data provided by the userswho ask for literature (brochure, leaflets, etc..) are used solely to carry outthe service or performance required and are communicated to third parties onlyif it’s needed for such purpose (companies that take care of packaging,labelling, shipment). Apart from these cases, personal data won’t be eithercommunicated or granted to anybody, unless it’s provided by the agreement orauthorized by the subjects. In this case, personal data could be sent to thirdparties, but only in case: a) there’s an explicit consent to share the datawith third parties; b) the information must be shared with third parties inorder to carry out the service required; c) it’s needed to meet requests by theJudicial Authority or Public Security. No data deriving from the web service willbe spread.


Regardingthe processing of the aforementioned data, pursuant to 15 et seq of the EURegulation 2016/679, We remind you the right to obtain the access of Personal Data concerning you; the right to obtain the rectification (correction ofinaccurate data or integration), the right to erasure the Personal Dataprocessed unlawfully or in case one of the reasons specified in Article 17 ofthe EU Regulation exists. Furthermore, you have the right to lodge a complaintwith a supervisory authority in case you consider that the rights indicatedabove have not been recognized.


Data Controller verifies itspersonal data protection and security policy at regular intervals and revisesit if needed according to regulatory or organizational changes or to the onesderived from the technological evolution. If the policy should be changed, thenew version will be published in this page of the web site.


All those who are interested in obtaining more information, providingsuggestions or sending claims or objections concerning the personal dataprotection policy or the way our Company processes the personal data, as wellas to assert the rights foreseen by the legislation concerning the protectionof personal data, can make it in writing to Data Controller writing an e-mailto: