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Shaping the future of the blood industry

We help healthcare organisations improve how they collect and transform life-saving blood.
That’s why we build solutions that reform the industry through uniquely innovative design, technologies and processes.

Our industry needs to change

of the world is facing chronic blood shortage to support medical treatments.
have insufficient access to safe blood, totalling for more than 100 million units per year.
10% drop
in blood donations in the US only since the pandemic, with the US being a particularly high volume donation country.

Who we are

We are a medtech company with 40+  years experience in designing and developing solutions for the blood industry, innovation is at the core of our business. As an agile operation with a startup-like mentality, we have the ability and the attitude to stay on top of the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We supply blood centers and hospitals with medical devices and solutions as well as diagnostic equipment in the fields of blood collection & processing, microbiology and haematology, and our high-end quality solutions are already in use across +70 countries worldwide.

Work with us

Come build the future together
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