Improvement through innovation.

With technology and design at our core, we at the Delcon Lab are committed to creating real and lasting change across the blood industry by challenging the status quo.

How we do it

Our tried and tested system includes a proprietary framework and an ecosystem, completing the Delcon lab process.

Delcon innovation Framework + Delcon innovation Ecosystem = Delcon Lab

Delcon innovation framework

Identify opportunities

We engage with end users and potential business partners to uncover prospects for innovation.

Ideate solutions

Opportunities become problems that need solving and take priority as we begin the brainstorming process in an inclusive environment.

Design, Test, Refine & Validate

We evaluate the efficacy of our solutions based on real-world evidence by collaborating with our clients and partners.

Develop market strategy

Our framework allows us to leverage our ecosystem to develop the best go-to market strategies which can include spinning in and new venture creation with spin offs, ensuring the best product, marketing and sales strategies.

Designed for our clients

We take a design-driven approach and apply it to every level of our business, from ergonomics to customer experience, from business models to market strategy.

In doing so we rigorously and continuously bring our clients into the design process to ensure real impact and value, and improve how our solutions will be used by real people, in real life. Because we believe great, effective design is at the heart of the world’s most successful and valuable solutions.

Delcon Innovation Ecosystem

Delcon Ecosystem is the unique network of players enabling true open innovation in the blood industry.

Innovation pays off

Suited to phlebotomists and donors

Our award-winning Milano mixer is designed for ergonomics and mobile operations, and is capable of collecting blood in any collection site configuration.

The future of sealing is wireless

Sealers tend to be big and clunky. Roma is our unique new freehand tube sealer that accommodates batteries in the most compact shape ever designed.

A smarter approach to blood donation

OpenChair is our new mobile-first donation platform, designed to accommodate donors’ needs and preferences, and increase the frequency of donor engagement.

New Challenge

Reimagining blood component manufacturing

Manual methods limit growth and digitization. That’s why we are looking at more effective processes for the future.

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Projects for Emerging markets

Better blood collection where it’s needed the most.

Championing innovation everywhere

Alongside NGOs, we’ve developed new concept solutions that reform safety, quality of collection and prices to improve blood collection and drive lower income countries towards better medical treatments.

Wala digital health

We have invested in Wala: a new on-demand blood tech platform in Ghana that harnesses the power of social networks to increase the supply of blood products and digital solutions to tackle the fatal consequences of blood shortages.
Visit Wala Digital >

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