Truly personalize your donor recruiting communications. At scale. With AI.

Engage with donors is hard.

Blood centers are incredible, life saving institutions, but they face a few challenges:


of any blood center's donor list is probably unresponsive


of new donors likely won’t return for a 2nd donation

Stop sending generic communications that don’t convert

Start communicating with donors like individuals.


AI- powered donor recruiting software that enables blood centers to truly personalize communications at scale.

How it works

Activate and enrich your donor data.

Implement advanced segmentation strategies with low effort & IT requirements.

Create, deliver, optimize hyper-personalized communication strategies.

Drive successful outcomes.

Experiment & optimize with AI

Continuously improve tactics and enhance donor profile

Set up experiments with confidence, easy to use drag/drop templates.

Visualize results and impact future campaigns without IT or data analysis

Want to improve donor experience?

If you’re a Blood Center or an investor, let’s talk.

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