Smarter for donors.
Smarter for blood centers.

Blood centers are incredible, life saving institutions, but they face a few challenges:

Getting donors through the door

Their biggest concern.

Recruiting new donors

Less than 3% of the population gives blood.

Bringing donors back

Most donate only once a year, half of whom don’t return the following year.

We wanted to create a better and more effective donor experience

We believe donating should be easier, more convenient and supportive.


A donor engagement platform, designed entirely around improving the donor experience.

Open chair ui screenshot

A win-win for both donors and blood centers

Donors enjoy the convenience of choosing when and where to donate, in a platform built around simplicity.

Blood centers get more donors, more donations, lower the expense of recruiting, and increase their gross margin of overall number of donor visits.

The strategy

OpenChair is more than an innovative donor experience.

It’s a solution that enables better donor data and increase donor frequency, retention and advocacy.

Simple graph of OpenChair's strategy

Want to improve donor experiences?

If you’re a Blood Center or an investor, let’s talk.

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